How to Fish Under Lights

How to Fish Under Lights

One of the best ways to  “load the boat” is to fish under lights after dark. Nothing beats going out on a nice warm evening, setting up over crappie cover, and putting out lights. Lights attract bugs, bugs attract minnows, and minnows attract fish. The action can get pretty fast and furious. Not only will you catch crappie but be prepared for catching just about anything, including white bass, walleye, hybrids, or strippers.

Jigging at Night

Here is a nice letter Damon “Duke” Harmon from Manhattan, Kansas about night fishing:

“The hybrids will smash a Puddle Jumper at night and strip off some line. I catch them in early June…I caught and released 6 large hybrids and a walleye in an hour one night, all on Puddle Jumpers. 

I use white 2-inch Puddle Jumpers on a 6 lb. test line with a 1/8 oz jig head. A smaller jig will fall slower but we have to fight wind on Kansas lakes. I don’t think jig head color makes a difference. 

I figured out a long time ago to pull the knot back towards the hook to get the jig to hang level. This will greatly increase your numbers. I also tie a ball bearing swivel about 24 inches above the jig to reduce line twist. I think a swivel is just as important as hanging level.

 I enjoy jigging your Puddle Jumpers at night.”

Learn More

If you are interested in this type of fishing visit Tom Payne’s website for a lot of good information about night fishing. He also sells the best night lights available–brighter the light, the better the attracting power. He 
contacted us some time ago and said that Puddle Jumpers were the best lures to use for this technique.