How to Use a Bobber

How to Use a Bobber

Perry Bruner shared another great tip with us. In discussing the difference in fishing with a minnow versus the Puddle Jumper, he mentioned a common mistake fishers often make with an artificial bait, especially when fishing under a bobber.

Use a Bobber

Perry recommends using a bobber most of the time since you can better control your depth of lure.  A slip bobber works well in this instance. When we are using a bobber, most of us wait until we see the bobber running off or going under to set the hook. This could work with a minnow, but with a Puddle Jumper if you see any movement set the hook. 

A Twitch is a Fish

A minnow swims and imparts action to a bobber and can make a bobber move.  A Puddle Jumper does not swim, therefore  if the bobber moves–even the slightest bit–it must be a fish making it move! If you wait until it goes under you give the crappie a chance to spit it out. You may have to be extra vigilant on a windy day. Remember, a twitch is a fish!