How to Rig a Puddle Jumper

The most common way to rig a Puddle Jumper is to put it on a jig head with the wings flat. The action of the lure when falling is kind of like a dying minnow. The wings will cause the lure to spiral as it falls. This spiraling down will sometimes bring on a strike.

Size Matters

The size of jig head is determined by how slow you want the lure to fall. For the 2-inch, 1/16 oz works well. If you want a slower fall, use a 1/32 oz or even the 1/64 oz. If you are fishing deep and want to get down in a hurry you can use larger than 1/16 oz. As with most crappie lures, fishing slow is generally the best. If the crappie are real active, like during the spring spawn, try a spin with them.

Putting a spin on the Puddle Jumper makes it great bait for other fish such as small mouth, walleye, and white bass.